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Not only has ON-Site Power, Inc. sold and installed residential standby emergency generators since 1999, but has also provided our customers with routine maintenance.  The one thing that is never mentioned prior to buying a generator is that they need to be maintained. The usual schedule is as follows: Once a year, get all the belts, hoses, and wires examined to make sure they are in good condition.  All the electrical components need to be checked. The usual life span of plugs is 2 years, battery is 3 years average, oil and oil filters need to be changed every 100 hours or yearly. Air cleaners need to be checked because  in approximately 4 years, they can get hard like cardboard & won't let air through. The generator needs to breath, so it is vital that it is inspected and maintained.  This schedule is just an approximation and may vary, dependent on environment, how often the generator is used and other factors. The generator will also exercise once a week in order to keep all the fluids moving through the engine. This is preset by Briggs & Stratton, the manufacturer, so it happens on its own. No need to run out and start it yourself. Our preventive maintenance service and inspection is the most comprehensive in the area, we inspect critical system components others often overlook. We’ll make sure your standby emergency generator is performing at peak efficiency and operating safely to provide your standby system the longest, most reliable service life possible. On-Site Power Inc., the company more Ocala homeowners trust for all their backup generator service needs.Contact us to schedule a Preventive Maintenance visit today!  (352-671-1090)  Bella Wolf will be happy to get one of our technicians scheduled to visit.

On-Site Power is a Briggs & Stratton-authorized dealer.  Our Technicians are trained and certified by Briggs & Stratton.

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