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Thomson Power Systems Quick Conect Panel

Thomson Power Systems - QCP - Allows for a quick connection from a transfer switch to an onsite, portable generator


Having a solution to quickly and safely make a portable generator connection to your electrical distribution system is important and in some cases required. When normal power is interrupted during a natural disaster, or main utility power failure, the Quick Connection Panel (QCP) and Transfer Switch Connection Plate (TCP) enables your facility to accept temporary service from a rental or portable generator. 

Connecting portable generators can pose serious risks if not done properly. The Thomson Quick Connection Panel (QCP) and Transfer Switch Connection Plate (TCP) are certified to the UL 1008 standards for safe and easy connections to Automatic Transfer Switches.

On-Site Power, Inc. has been an avid supporter of Thomson Technology Power Systems.

Their ATS's were serviceable. You could trouble shoot down to the smallest part. That made it the least throw away ATS in the market.

 The TSC80e was bullet proof. Short of taking a lightning hit, they seemed to be the most robust ATS control.

To keep up with the times TTI came out with the 900 series control. They were so proud of it that they made the TSC80e obsolete. The 900 has touch screen & is impressive. The problem is we had a bunch of failures here in Florida.. First the SIM cards had to be replaced. Then we had to update the software in the controls on multiple occasions to fix glitches. But worst of all, the heat got to them. The screens got hard & cracked, then you could not see what you were touching any more, Then the screen would go blank!

TTI wants the owner to replace the TSC80e with what they call an upgrade to the 900 series.

The TS series ATS’s are still operable, serviceable & they would continue to be ‘if’ an owner could get a TSC80e.


OSP has started a remanufacture program. We are sending our cores to be rebuilt. Why throw a perfectly good ATS away because you cannot get the TSC80e & don’t want the 900 series ‘upgrade’.  Before they discontinued the TSC80e their MSRP was $1,750.00. Now you cannot get it.  A 900 series control & touch screen is over $ 1,500.00 plus freight.


Now you can buy a remanufactured TSC80e that is a direct replacement, in stock in Ocala. Electronic components usually do not carry a warranty, but we extend one year warranty on workmanship and components. 

 Right now, you can buy a remanufactures TSC80e board for $1,000.00. There is a core charge to get the old one back. It is $400.00. Otherwise, the program would run dry of cores. No additional freight. No surprise fees or extras.


TSC 900 controller.png

The Thomson Power Systems TSC 900

Transfer Switch Controller utilizes the latest advancements in microcontroller technology, surface mount printed circuit board assembly and advanced programming firmware for control of automatic transfer switches.


The TSC 900 Transfer Switch Controller available in 870 & 880 Transfer Switch's, provides the most advanced integrated technology available for use in Thomson Power Systems Automatic Transfer Switches.

Superior features include:

• Integrated Controls for Open and Closed Transition Transfer Switch Applications
• Latest Technology 32 Bit Microcontroller Architecture provides fast, accurate reliable operation
• Graphical Color 7” Touch-Screen Operator Interface for easy viewing and operation
• Advanced 3 phase Voltage Sensing using symmetrical component Algorithms for True Single Phasing Protection
• Integrated 3 Phase Power Metering
• USB and Ethernet Remote Communication connectivity
• Programmable set-points and calibration via USB interface to PC

Thomson RA900.png

RA 900 Remote Annunciators can be utilitzed within a facility to remotely monitor and control Thomson Power Systems TS 870 & TS 880 Series of Automatic Transfer Switches.

The RA 900 can be used to remotely monitor and control up to 8 Automatic Transfer Switches concurrently which are located at a single site using an Ethernet LAN network.

Thomson PGC 4000.png

The PGC 4000v2 is an intelligent, integrated Power Generation Controller operating with our Series 2400 Paralleling Switchgear



  • Run Time Configurable programming allows integration with multiple gen set manufacturers

  • PGC 4000 v2 Technology: 1Gbps LAN Network Speed Capability, PC Based Peripherals for Service Support (USB/ETHERNET), Windows 7 Compliant

  • Integrated, Revenue Grade, Utility and Generator Metering with Power Quality Measurement

  • Digital Engine-Generator Controls

  • Digital Auto Synchronizing & kW/kVAR Load Sharing

  • 17” Color Touch Screen Operator Display with Run-time Configurable Graphics.

  • Digital Protective Relaying for Generator & Utility Supply per IEEE & ANSI standards

  • High Speed/Noise Immune Ethernet-based Communications

  • Compliant with IEEE 1547 Distributed Generation Interconnect Standard

  • Certified to UL 508A.

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