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Dear Steve,

Thank you for your great service. Rick was amazing. 

Billy D.


Glad we were able to help.


Dear Steve,


Thank goodness you arrived when you did.  We decided to purchase our generator right before Michael hit! Rick was superman and dug a trench for our gas line and hooked everything up. When it hit, we sailed through a 5 day outage with our generator in operation without any hickups.  Our neighbors, without a generator, came over to shower and get a hot meal. Thank you On-Site Power for helping us get through the storm.

Alexandra W.

Dear Steve,

I just had to stop by the shop to let you all know that I lost power for 6 hours last night when the storm hit.  The generator kicked on in 20 seconds and I was able to use my air conditioner, well pump, lights, and tv. That's all I needed.  Thanks on-site for making this outage comfortable.


Britt M.


Thanks Britt.  Make sure you stop by more often to just chat and if you need anything, call us.






Dear Steve,

Just wanted to thank your company for a job well done.  Everyone was helpful and now I am all set to face hurricane season.

William G.

Dear Bill,

We are happy that you have a piece of mind.  If we can be of further help, just let us know.







For whatever it is worth, and I probably have told you this before, but I mean it…  You run an amazing business, you’re an honest guy, and you care about your customers.  I deal with a lot of businesses (as we all do), and you are at the top of the list when it comes to service, and more so, customer service.  I know any time I need you, regardless of the day and time, you are there.  I don’t take this for granted, and thank you..  Obviously having no power if it happens is never fun, so thanks for always having my back and being there.  Take care Steve.




Thanks Garrett, we appreciate your kind words!!



Dear On-Site Power:

I was very impressed with the work from start to finish.  Every person on our property took the time to make things right.

Most importantly was the care and effort to minimize damage to our yard.  The extra time replacing sod, fixing landscape wires etc. Was above and beyond what I typically see with contractors.  Steve is a great communicator as well and the price was extremely fair for all of the work done.  I would strongly recommend Steve and On-Site Power to anyone who asks.

Coach Rikeman

Glad we were able to help.  Steve



Our On-Site Power family.  Stop by and say "Hello!"

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Phone: 352-671-1090

1726 N. Magnolia Ave.

Ocala, FL   34475


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